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Apparently I Don’t Know EVERYTHING…yet

So, this is last night’s dinner. By the way, it is perfectly acceptable to post pics of your food if you are blogging about it. I just made that up. Feel free to write it down.Image

In case you are wondering what a serving of greens looks like, this doesn’t even come close!  A serving is 3 oz, and what you see here is just about 1.5 oz. Three ounces would not have even fit on my plate! My teeny, tiny ounce of fresh mozzarella is there. Can you see it? Me neither, nor could I taste it. Lesson learned: don’t waste your precious ounce or two of delicious fresh mozzarella by mixing it in with strong flavors and lots of other things. It is best to savor it alone, in a closet, with a bottle of olive oil and a loaf of Delallo’s Talonica bread… (is this a proper place to use ellipses? I never know.)

Where am I? What just happened?

So I am not much of a follow a recipe kind of person. I just make stuff up as I go. Forcing myself to slow down, measure and think about what I am putting together is very difficult for me. Nevertheless, this little experiment turned out to be quite delicious. My “recipes” are not typical because I am not at all exact. I also tend to include my mistakes or other commentary as I go. This is either annoying or endearing.

No Mozzarella Tortellini Salad


As many salad greens as you can fit on the plate. I mixed organic spring greens with a mix of baby kale, chard and other “power” greens.

About 1/2 c dried tortellini (I measured out the 3/4 c portion size for each of us but ended up with over a cup of cooked leftover. LUNCH!)

Grape Tomatoes – slice them in half, chop them, whatever floats your boat, bursts your bubble, lights your fire

1 yellow bell pepper – cut into strips, chunks, see above notes on tomatoes

Chopped onion (I used about 1/2 c)

Pressed garlic (I used 4 cloves. Garlic rules my world)

1/4 c pine nuts

1/2 – 1T olive or other oil for sauteeing veggies

1T olive oil for dressing

1/2 lemon (TIP: zap the whole lemon in the microwave for about 30 seconds before cutting in half. You will get about twice the juice out of it. I used 1/2 lemon for two salads)

Fresh Basil, chopped


Cook the tortellini, rinse and let cool

Saute onion, garlic and pepper in olive oil and add pine nuts to toast (I then added some tuscan seasoning blend, but you can use whatever seasonings you like. I am generous like that.)

Top greens with tortellini, then sauteed veggies/nuts, then basil. Squeeze lemon juice over and then olive oil. Top with zest from the lemon.

If you just can’t stand to not have some cheese, try some fresh grated parmesan or fontina cheese. I would pick fontina. Oh I love that stuff too. Damn!


10 comments on “Apparently I Don’t Know EVERYTHING…yet

  1. Dr. Duh
    July 30, 2013

    I just read in one of my fitness magazines that you shouldn’t put cheese in sandwiches (and sometimes salads) because you often can’t taste it, so you’re consuming calories and fat that you’re not actually enjoying. SEE, you DO know everything. 🙂

    • sheilaeconfer
      July 30, 2013

      Whew! I feel better now!

    • sheilaeconfer
      July 30, 2013

      And funny you should mention sandwiches because today I brought the fixins to make myself a half sandwich for lunch. First of all, I did not buy the roasted turkey breast at the store yesterday, even though the Applegate Organic stuff tastes really good and isn’t too salty, it is still processed meat and EXPENSIVE. Instead I picked up an avocado and a tomato and this morning I almost measured out a measly ounce of the fresh mozz for my sandwich but decided that with the bread I wouldn’t taste it. Lime juice, salt and pepper and some greens rounded out the sammy instead 🙂

      • Dr. Duh
        July 30, 2013

        That sounds delicious!!!!!

      • sheilaeconfer
        July 30, 2013

        It was

  2. Mom
    July 30, 2013

    Now I can get your recipes since you are measuring and documenting.

  3. Heather K.
    July 30, 2013

    A great side dish or lunch to use all of those healthy fruits of garden (or farmer’s market) labor… chop tomato, bell pepper (any color you like), cucumber, onion ( I prefer purple/red onion for it’s flavor and the pretty color), a clove of minced garlic (always fresh- never in a jar), a measly serving size of feta cheese, toss all of this yumminess with some olive oil and balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper. If you fresh basil, that makes it even better but it’s great either way. If you prefer red wine vinegar, that’s good too.

    I am a carnivore so I love this as a side to grilled chicken breast or steak but if you don’t eat meat or are trying to cut down on meat, add some garbanzo beans for some protein.

    • sheilaeconfer
      July 30, 2013

      Heather, that sounds yummy! The garbanzo bean suggestion reminded me I have a great recipe to try that is a garbanzo bean and zucchini salad. I got it at Nature’s Way. One of the ladies who works there, Pam, does cooking demos on Saturdays and I think maybe one other day. She develops really yummy and easy recipes from ingredients they have at the store and makes them right there for you to try. I can honestly say I have never not grabbed a copy of the recipe for something she has made!

  4. Heather K.
    July 31, 2013

    I went to Nature’s Way for the first time about a month ago. Great place!! I’ve got to get to one of these cooking demos.

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