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Three Things That Made Me Happy Yesterday

My wonderful, thoughtful mother brought me these:



I was cutting a fresh summer squash from our weekly share from our local organic farm, and it looked like this:



And last, but certainly not least, after almost a week, I still have this:



Eight of the original 16 ounces of my favorite cheese remain AND I did not consume all eight ounces on my own. In fact, I made a delicious gold cherry tomato, basil, olive oil and mozzarella cheese salad last night for what we call “farm dinner.”

Every Thursday we get a share of veggies from our local farm and most Fridays we are able to get together with my parents and usually a friend or two to make a huge veggie laden dinner. Last night was no exception. We enjoyed the tomato and mozz salad as well as a garbanzo bean and squash salad with lemon vinaigrette, a black bean, cucumber and corn salad and some AMAZING individual blueberry tarts…oh, and wine of course.

Farm dinner makes me happy too, so I guess that’s four things, oh and the wine, five.


2 comments on “Three Things That Made Me Happy Yesterday

  1. Scot
    August 3, 2013

    Never, EVER! acknowledge the wine last….unless, and ONLY! unless, you acknowledge it first. Just sayin’….

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