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Everything But the Kitchen Sinking (Or Sheila’s August 7 Kitchen Fajitas)

OK, that title was a mistake. The “thing” from “everything” somehow moved to after “sink” and after I retyped “everything” I read the title out loud and it made me laugh. What follows has nothing to do with kitchens sinking. I apologize in advance for any disappointment.

No, what follows is a recipe that represents my love of leftovers. If you need precise measurements in order to follow a recipe, I am afraid you are SOL (sorry mom).



Sheila’s August 7 Kitchen Fajitas

(pronounce the j and make it a long i. I know you want to)


Grapeseed oil (about 1 T)


Frozen tri color pepper strips (I would prefer fresh, but these guys were a week or less away from turning into an ice ball, so I used them up).

Gold cherry tomatoes (yes, the last of them!)

Roasted chicken (yes, the last of it)

Shrimp (used that up too, yep)

A bit of leftover corn on the cob from this week’s farm share

Cooked wild rice (I cooked a bunch last week to go with the roasted chicken. Somehow that never worked out. I still have a ton of cooked rice left.)



Flour tortillas

Fresh limes (duh)

Leftover corn, cucumber and black bean salad that I didn’t make (Thanks Amy!)



Saute the onion

Add everything else and cook until hot

Spread a thin layer of guac on a flour tortilla and pile on some of the filling. Top with salsa and the juice of 1/2 lime.

The following picture has absolutely nothing to do with this recipe, but I went to the Maroon 5 concert last night  with my mom and some of my other amazing girl friends (and a nice guy named Tim). I drank chocolate cake shots, which my friend and seester, Amy, told me I make better than a bar. And this woman and her two girls were jammin out , and it made me happy.


BONUS RECIPE – This means you read the entire post or are impatient and scrolled to the bottom. Either way I shall reward you with the chocolate cake shot recipe.

Chocolate Cake Shots

Equal parts vanilla vodka and Frangelico poured over ice and shaken well. Strain into shot glasses. Do not let it sit so the ice starts to melt. That ruins it.

That’s your shot. Follow it by sucking on a lemon wedge dredged in sugar. That is your icing, and it is fabulous! You’re welcome.


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