Finally Fat…Finally Fit

I'm fat. Now, let's get to the important stuff

Forgive me readers, for I have sinned…

…it’s been 11 days since my last blog post. I really should have started all of this forming new habits stuff sooner. The stress of prepping for the the start of the school year got to me, and while I have not gone completely off the rails, I have strayed into dangerous territory.

Thank goodness for the banana split!



Not to worry. I did not just have a seizure and completely change the topic. Well, I did completely change the topic…anyway. My hometown of Latrobe, PA has finally received the recognition it so justly deserves as the home of the banana split. Arnold Palmer? Mr. Rogers? Rolling Rock? That game with the weird shaped ball? Amateur! I don’t even like banana splits, but I think this is an awesome thing to finally happen in my hometown. So I went yesterday to celebrate. 

How the Banana Split Inspired Me to Get Back on Track

Well it wasn’t the banana split so much as the festivities surrounding it. Last night was a sock hop. While I was hardly dressed the part like some people were, I threw myself into the party with wild abandon. It was more of a tame abandon, but it felt wild to me. I jitterbugged. I did the limbo contest (sidenote: Kids these days have NO idea how to limbo. Parents, what are you teaching them? I am worried for our future). I think I even won a bubble blowing contest. After the limbo I was convinced I would be calling my chiropractor on Monday. I can already picture the look he will give me when I tell him I did a limbo contest. It would be similar to the look I received last year when I told him I had been rolling down a ski slope.

I told myself I was too old for this stuff. But here is what happened. I got out of bed this morning, and I felt fine. I felt great. I felt like going for a walk, so I did. Sorry Dr. Keeler, catch you next time!

I realized a few things at the great Latrobe banana split celebration of 2013 (that’s what I am calling it).

1. You are NEVER too old to just have a damn good time.

2. Silliness is a necessary part of life.

3. Keep moving by doing things you love to do. Don’t beat yourself up about not going to the gym enough or getting enough miles on your bike or your runs. JUST DO STUFF.

4. Small towns with sidewalks RULE. I miss living in a town with sidewalks. This was a biggie. I walked from my parent’s house downtown to the banana split extravaganza and back several times yesterday and didn’t think twice about it. It was like when I was a little girl and just walked everywhere in the summer. To the park, to the pool, to the playground, to a friend’s house, to Holzer’s, to Gardner’s, to Troutman’s. Remember Troutman’s? I hardly ever feel like walking anywhere where I live now. I realized it is not because I am lazy, but because to get anywhere from my house I need to walk on and/or cross several major roads and there are no sidewalks anywhere. It’s just not easy. It’s a mental thing. Just what I need, more mental things.



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